Cat Addiction to Penthouse

The Kittywalk System is designed for the ‘indoor cat’ to have an outdoor experience.  There are lots of Kittywalk fans who have purchased multiple kits and units over the years, and some are adding on units and others even replacing units after a few years. Some cat caregivers have said their cats are addicted to their summer retreats such as the Kittywalk Penthouse with Resting Platforms for Cats

One reviewer says that her cats enjoy watching her garden while sitting in their Kittywalk System and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. (Make sure they always have access to some shade with Kittywalk Kabana Outdoor Enclosure for Cats, KW300.)

Kittywalk Kabana

Shade is a must.

Another owner writes in a review that her cats LOVE the wide mesh on the bottom of the tunnels which allow them to munch on the grass and forget that they are enclosed.

The owner says that she sets up her kitty walk system, that includes the Tunnel, Kittywalk Penthouse with Resting Platforms for Cats and Corner units, in the summer and then stores them in her garage over the winter so that she doesn’t have to re-assemble the Penthouse. Putting them in the garage also protects the units from more weathering through the winter.

She says that the hammocks are ‘a must’, and exclaims how much her cats enjoy lounging in the shade of a kabana.  A few reviewers find that the hammocks are not that secure for heavier cats or older cats to climb, and you may have to fortify them with another material.

Also the extra ties are useful to secure the top canopy of the Penthouse.  The patch kit that is included with every unit is handy to use if a rabbit bites through the mesh.  The flag on the top is reported to be unnecessary as it wears out easily in windy weather.

Kittywalk Penthouse

Hammock Climber with Shade Canopy on top.

One owner says that she likes to move the Kittywalk tunnels when she mows her lawn, which just adds another 5 minutes to her lawn mowing routine.

Removable doors and zippers ares important features for accessing your cats when it is time to go inside and they might not agree.

The Kittywalk set up is a temporary,  portable and affordable solution that works well for many ‘indoor kitties’ and their care givers.

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  1. Jaycee N. says:

    This is such a good way for cats to be able to live more complete lives and still be safe. It’s good to let them outdoors in such a way.

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