Kitten Play

The playfulness of a kitten is so divinely precious!  I love to see the purity and sweetness of a baby animal such as a puppy or a kitten.  As caregivers we want to protect our little charges.

Penelope Kitten

Penelope Kitten

I remember laughing with extraordinary delight when playing with a kitten that repeatedly launched itself through the air to catch a toy that I was waving around. It touches ones own inner child and awakens us to the simple pleasures of life.

Here is a video that captures a kitten’s playful innocence and its phase of learning through practice in a dramatic episode of confrontation. It is done in the form of play and pretending, which is actually rather similar to how our children learn. We’d hardly know that the kitten was pretending if she didn’t take a few moments out to look at the video or scratch her ear.

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Anne Force here. I have a background in family literacy and alternative education. My love for animals and a lifetime with cats has inspired me to begin writing this blog. Enjoy!
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