Brazen Neighborhood Cat!

My husband and I were playing a game of crib at the dining room table after supper. It had been pouring rain all day so the grass was still wet and suddenly my husband says, “There’s Funny Face! (neighbor cat’s name)  We look up from our game to see the neighbourhood cat, that my 4 cats detest, walking around on our elevated deck.  (It’s actually a fairly challenging walk to get onto the deck when the cat enclosure is closed at the stairs.)  She was just entering our cat enclosure from the middle of our the deck where  we often leave it open (except at night). She knows she is not welcome and she would have just walked right through the enclosure and up to the cat door and into our house if she had not seen me jump up from the table. She is such a brazen cat! She decided to take off as quickly as possible.

Occasional use outdoor cat enclosure with easy access for people.

Homemade light wood frame outdoor cat enclosure

I immediately closed the cat enclosure door as my big male guard cat came out to inspect the commotion. I did not want him running after her, as it could lead to a cat fight which can often result in abscesses.  Funny Face’s long coat of fur is like armour; my cats have short hair and seem to sustain more injuries. Then I took the handy tin plate and banged on it with a spoon, as I have learned that this particular neighbourhood cat does not like it.  Maybe it sounds like a dog barking.

For so many years we always had a dog that kept the neighbourhood cats out of the yard and now we are frequently dealing with cats in the yard.  Some of the cats that arrive are less threatening to them while others just want to stir up trouble.  It’s times like these when I envision the benefits of getting fence extension for my whole yard that would keep stray cats out of our yard.

Cat Fence Extensions

Cat fence extensions provide a yard enclosure

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Electrical Cat Containment?

Cats are truly amazing creatures with very sensitive electrical systems. Cats and dogs have similar electrical (electro-magnetic) meridian systems to humans. It’s quite amazing to see the correlation. Just take a look at the pictures in the book, Four Paws Five Directions Cats are natural healers and have the ability to transmute negative energy. What a great addition to any home…an animal that can clear the energy in your homes. 

Feline Chart

Acupressure Meridian Chart of a Feline

I believe in holistic supports that do not interfere with an animal’s electrical system, hence I would not choose to implant a tracking device in my pet, nor would I advocate for any kind of electrical shock type of containment.  In fact, the videos that I have seen on cats encountering an invisible electrical containment yard are quite shocking to watch, let alone, physically shocking for an animal to experience.

We have many choices and do not need to make choices that invoke pain, foster distrust and fear and seriously disturb an animal’s electrical meridian system. We have numerous reasonable, natural and healthy solutions to cat containment, such as Cat Fencing and various sized outdoor cat enclosures, both commercial and home made options, to fit anyone’s budget.


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Cats Fighting in the Early Morning Hours

It seems that my neighbor’s cat was out in the night, as she made a visit to my back yard in the early morning hours, about 5:00 a.m.  I heard my big male cat lash out at another cat in a fight, so I jumped out of bed and went running out to our outdoor back veranda, which is enclosed in chicken wire. It’s a homemade outdoor enclosure that the cats can go into the fresh air and back into the house, independently, in the night. DSCN0471

The big furry intruder went running and I could see several of my cats looking at me anxiously.  They were all safely inside the enclosure.  My big black male cat that has the guarding and defending role, was also safely inside the enclosed veranda, and I was relieved  that the outdoor cat enclosure had done its job in keeping my cats safe from harm.


I’ve seen too many wounds and abscesses over the years from cat fights. That has been the primary challenge for owning outdoor cats in my area of the world, which might be more accurately defined as suburban living.

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Enclosure for Healing Cat

Our veranda outdoor cat enclosure was a great help to us these past two weeks.  It provided the gentle transition that was needed.

Recently my big black male cat had a slip where he pulled his back leg muscle and was rather lame for a week. He hobbled around…and I was was quite concerned at first.  I gave him flower essences, some gentle massage and energy treatments to assist with his recovery.

Max the Cat

Max in front of the fireplace

I have to say that our veranda enclosure made it a whole lot easier to restrain his activity  because I could keep him contained while he healed. He needed 2 weeks off from his duties of guarding the property. But he could still go outside in the veranda area so was reasonably content.   He was able to make a full recovery in less than two weeks.

I appreciate the versatility of my veranda outdoor cat enclosures. It is also a deterrent to the neighbourhood cats coming on our back deck.

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Cat Boarding Facilities

Outdoor cat enclosures are commonly used at spas or retreats for cat guests that are being boarded there.  These cat enclosures are made for the many feline guests that come and go. They are built to be sturdy, easily cleaned and provide unshared outdoor space.

Once I had a kitten that needed some extra care and attention while we went away for  a long awaited family vacation. While my older cats and rabbit were attended by a professional pet sitter at my home, my rambunctious young dog was looked after in a kennel and my kitten was cared for in a deluxe style kennel that is frequently referred to as a spa.  I decided to spring for the extra expense of knowing that my pets needs were being met.

Kitty City had an excellent reputation for looking after cats. It was actually a renovated home with a special room that had cat cages around the perimetre. Each ‘room’ had a hammock… plus a window opening to a little outdoor enclosure. The wire enclosure wasn’t very big but it allowed the cats to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. I thought it was pretty neat at the time.  It would help to keep my cat more entertained and I’m sure he would like having the option to independently go in and out to his enclosure space.  There are so many sights and sounds and smells outside that I’m sure cats are tuned in to much more than humans. They also had a big centre room area where a few compatible cats were allowed out, at any one time, to run around and play on cat trees.

My 6 month old kitten did fairly well with the retreat style accommodation but I did notice that it still stressed him out a bit, as he came home with a slight cough.  All in all it worked out very well.

Ivan at Cat Spa

Ivan likes his outdoor enclosure at the cat spa.

Here is an example of a similar cat spa with boarding facilities and amenities for their cat guests.


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Cats and Dogs Together

I was just reading about a family who was having to juggle their cats and dogs going in and out of a doggy door. Apparently, the dogs had the freedom to go in and out, but the cats did not, but started using the doggy flap.  Now that must make the cats feel that things in their household were a little unfair, especially once they have tasted the outdoors and realized that it’s such a beautiful and interesting place to be.   Cats do have feelings about their treatment in the household.

cat and dog

A lot of people on the forum were suggesting to shut the doggy flap and remove the doggy flap. Many seemed very concerned about the safety of the cats, and keeping them indoors.

Then someone mentioned a fence enclosure.  Once that idea was suggested the discussion ended and the thread was locked. It was mentioned that lots of people just don’t know that they exist. There are fence netting extensions that can be added to any existing fence.

Conversion Kit

Conversion Kit

Think about the reduced headaches of having to juggle your animals going in and out if you knew they were safe in their back yard.  It’s a very affordable option and relatively easy to install.  Finally, peace of mind and a very equitable arrangement for both the dogs and the cats. Best of all, mom and dad can relax knowing their animals are protected from leaving the yard space, and the animals can still use the doggy door which was installed for their convenience and independence.


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Kitten Play

The playfulness of a kitten is so divinely precious!  I love to see the purity and sweetness of a baby animal such as a puppy or a kitten.  As caregivers we want to protect our little charges.

Penelope Kitten

Penelope Kitten

I remember laughing with extraordinary delight when playing with a kitten that repeatedly launched itself through the air to catch a toy that I was waving around. It touches ones own inner child and awakens us to the simple pleasures of life.

Here is a video that captures a kitten’s playful innocence and its phase of learning through practice in a dramatic episode of confrontation. It is done in the form of play and pretending, which is actually rather similar to how our children learn. We’d hardly know that the kitten was pretending if she didn’t take a few moments out to look at the video or scratch her ear.

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Flower Essences for ‘Indoor’ Cats

Flower essences are a holistic energy support that can be used to help ‘indoor’ cats and other animals. Since Flower essences are made from plants and flowers, they are are a  powerful way of bringing Nature to your cat. The flower essences capture the divine qualities that are special to each flower and plant.  Indoor cats may be missing their unique connection to Nature when they are kept inside.

Cat siblings and friends

Contented cats

I particularly like the flower essences that use Red Shiso as the stabilizer base (instead of alcohol) that are made at Green Hope Farm. One can make diluted dosages that are very potent.  A few drops of flower essence may look like water but in fact, harness the divine qualities of Nature, that can bring back balance, health and happiness. All imbalance is held  in the feeling body and then progresses into the physical.

Cat and Dog Friend

Cat and Dog Family Happiness

If your indoor cat does not have an Outdoor Cat Enclosure, then flower essences are one way of bringing Nature to your cat.

Flower essences can assist any animal or human being that is going through some kind of transition or stress.

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Cultural Contrast

Several years ago I traveled to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and then in another trip I went to Greece.  I was struck by the surrounding population of struggling cats. Stray cats were every where you turned.

I noticed that most of the people who lived there were accepting and kind to the animals, for the most part. I think many of them took it upon themselves to toss the animals some scraps of food from time to time to alleviate their starvation.

It just seemed to be such a contrast to what I see here in Canada and the USA.  In my suburbs and cities you would rarely see an actual stray. Yes, you might see a neighborhood cat out for a walk, but not a skinny starving cat. So, on one hand, you have a culture that agrees to live cooperatively with the homeless, wild felines, whereas in our culture we trap them and take them to Animal Services where they are generally euthanized.

So one culture lives in greater harmony with them while another views them as better dead than starving? Are we just trying to remove the difficult issues from our sight? Are we so afraid of the consequences of growing populations of stray cats? Are we trying to sterilize our experience of nature? Is that how we view humans, better to put to sleep than be starving? Fortunately there is a growing movement of Cat Rescue programs that are working tirelessly to find homes for abandoned cats.

Stray Kittens on a Greek Island Beach

Stray Kittens on a Greek Island Beach

Westerners seem to be increasingly intolerant of their neighbor’s cats as well.  Some city bylaws restrict the freedom of cats, and allow humane trapping. So now the cats should be unseen and unheard?  That sort of sounds like the old fashioned view of child rearing that was replaced a few generations ago.  People view their property as theirs and often don’t want feline trespassers. Can Mother Earth ever really be owned?

It was interesting to see stray cats walking through open air restaurants in Greece. The owners didn’t seem to be overly concerned by it.  In fact, it was a very novel and refreshing sight for many tourists to see. Others simply ignored it.

Another trend that I see and feel among westerners is a strong desire among cat caregivers to protect their cats from harm.  This includes exposure to vehicle traffic, wild animals, unsympathetic neighbors, and neighborhood bully cats to name the most common dangers. This stems from their deep love and attachment to their pets with a desire to control their environment.

Outdoor cat enclosures are becoming the western solution to allow cats a bit of freedom in a controlled and safe environment.

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The Habits and Preferences of Cats

Have you ever noticed how cats have quirky preferences? But do you appreciate them?  Do you allow them? I have a fascination for watching the natural tendencies of children and animals.  It must say something about their personality, character and their emotions.

For example, we have two female cats that love to jump up on the bathroom counter to drink their water from a cup.  Lately, my husband is telling me that they both have a preference for the right cup rather than the left one.  We have no idea why that would be.  Another one, our shy cat will not drink his water from the dish on the floor if someone is too close by. He gets nervous when there is activity too near him, and this stops his drinking.  Another cat, I rarely even see him drink.  He must be a closet drinker!

One of them also jumps up on the bathroom counter to get brushed. She starts purring to let me know that she is hoping to be brushed.  Her daughter won’t lie still when we try to brush her, but she lets my husband know she is interested in being brushed by stretching out on the floor in the bathroom.

She seems to like to chew on things, especially fingers, so we have had to try to reduce that tendency by not indulging her, or else she’ll try to crunch down hard with her back teeth, ouch, no thanks!  Another cat loves to lick or chew on plastic, and that habit is okay with us and rather amusing to witness.  These are tendencies they have had from a just a few weeks old.

We have had cats that liked to sit on the heating register while others did not.  I used to put boxes on the registers so that they could sit on them when they got extra hot in the winter.  Many of them liked sitting in boxes, so warm boxes were even more appealing.

Cat enjoying the sunshine in a planter

Cat enjoying the sunshine in a planter box

I also had cats that liked to eat up high and this was quite necessary due to a dog that we had. It gave the cats a lot more security to eat when they wanted to and without disturbance. This particular cat also liked to be see fresh kibble poured into his dish  and then patted a few times before he would purr and dig into his food dish.  They are just little habits that make them feel loved. Funny, this is the only cat that I have ever known that doesn’t like to eat ANY canned cat food or human food. He just likes kibble.

One of our previous cats liked to climb into a bowl shaped basket to sleep. She also liked to chew on my hair, which actually was not a great habit but she got emotional comfort from it. This cat developed an over eating disorder that was connected to her lifetime neediness that stemmed back to insufficient mothering in those important early days and weeks.

Cats seem to acquire their favourite sleeping spot. They all have different preferences. One sleeps in the dark closet, one sleeps by my side and another checks in on us every few hours and plunks himself on top of us when he thinks its time for us to wake up. The youngest one retreats to the basement where she curls up under a bed.  I think this relates back to her kitten days when my daughter kept her in her room with her at night. She moved out a few years ago but the cat keeps going back to her sleeping spot of former times.

Habits and preferences of cats are interesting and when you can observe and honour some of their preferences, I’m sure it helps your cat to feel respected and cared for.  Another thing that makes them feel appreciated is to talk to them when you see them or pass by them, maybe stop and give them a pat. Be sure to give each of them a little bit of quality time each day.  This leads to a happy, contented cat.

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