Cats Fighting in the Early Morning Hours

It seems that my neighbor’s cat was out in the night, as she made a visit to my back yard in the early morning hours, about 5:00 a.m.  I heard my big male cat lash out at another cat in a fight, so I jumped out of bed and went running out to our outdoor back veranda, which is enclosed in chicken wire. It’s a homemade outdoor enclosure that the cats can go into the fresh air and back into the house, independently, in the night. DSCN0471

The big furry intruder went running and I could see several of my cats looking at me anxiously.  They were all safely inside the enclosure.  My big black male cat that has the guarding and defending role, was also safely inside the enclosed veranda, and I was relieved  that the outdoor cat enclosure had done its job in keeping my cats safe from harm.


I’ve seen too many wounds and abscesses over the years from cat fights. That has been the primary challenge for owning outdoor cats in my area of the world, which might be more accurately defined as suburban living.

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Anne Force here. I have a background in family literacy and alternative education. My love for animals and a lifetime with cats has inspired me to begin writing this blog. Enjoy!
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