Rabbit Arrives on Easter

Several years ago we had a real rabbit that showed up in our back yard on Easter morning. I could hardly believe my eyes but sure enough it was a live rabbit hopping around in the grass.  We don’t have wild rabbits in this part of the country, just wild hares, so I figured it must belong to someone. The rabbit hopped into the front yard, where it was grazing and the neigbhor’s little girl came over, thinking it was ours and I told her it was not and together we decided that we should catch the rabbit. I brought the rabbit into our household and introduced her to Miss Moppet and to the cats.

I quickly discovered that she was not house trained and that she didn’t like being handled and that she was quite strong willed. I posted notices around the neighborhood, handed out fliers and left a notice at animal services, but no one claimed her.  I couldn’t decide whether to call her Miss Piggy, because of her blunt nose, or Easter.

She was working out quite nicely in the outdoor cat enclosure on our veranda.  I noticed that she liked going to the bathroom in the planter so it made me think that she was perhaps used to living outside.  But I was really surprised at how quickly she learned to use the cat door.  She really liked the outdoor cat enclosure, but once she learned how to use the cat door, she was coming in and out of the house and causing indoor damage to the hardwood floors and carpets.

When I put her into a rabbit cage she was not happy, and I was exhausting my ideas for how to keep her. Finally, I realized that she was happier outside than inside, so we decided to build her a large pen at the back of the yard.  It was a rabbit enclosure which was only partially covered and only a few feet high. She loved it. It was the perfect solution for her.

The cats would even go out to visit her in her enclosure. They use to like jumping in with her and  sleeping on top of her insulated ‘cat’ house and under the roof of the enclosure in a small protected space. It was very interesting to see how the cats liked to visit her space and she didn’t seem to mind. She would get very excited and ran all around her pen when a cat came up to her enclosure.

My husband would feed her vegetables and pellets every morning. She would rush over and literally grab her food. One would tend to drop it or possibly get clawed. She had an impetuous quality to her personality.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching Miss Piggy Easter, living in her outdoor pen at the back of the yard. We watched from our table where we ate, and we kept a constant eye on her. The neighbors also expressed their pleasure in watching her each day from their windows. Then one summer day, she passed quite suddenly.  We will always miss not being able to watch her antics outside in her enclosure.

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