Spring Fever

This year in western Canada, spring is taking a long time to arrive. We’re still waiting for the earth to warm up and all the snow to melt. Everyone is keen for the warm weather to arrive and the cats are no less excited. They have been venturing outside now and just loving to roll on the sidewalk. It’s an ecstatic experience for one of my cats. Of course it would be the white one and so he becomes increasingly gray with his daily rolls through the spring and summer, but he just loves it. I just wouldn’t want to take that away from him. It’s such a great pleasure for him as he rolls to and fro and gets his head down low too.

In this picture, it is summer time with lush green grass and garden.

JC lying on sidewalk

JC lying on sidewalk

With spring on its way the cat door to the veranda is flapping more regularly. During the winter we left the enclosure open because the cats didn’t want to go out at night – too cold and too much snow about. Now we close the veranda every night so that we can sleep peacefully, knowing our cats are contained at night and the neighbourhood cats can’t come in through the flap or start fights with them.

cat door and stair access to outdoor cat enclosure

No animal visitors at night, thank you.

I realize that we could get a coded cat door that would open with specific cat collars and would lock out strays. There are several different options that we that could work, but this way our cats can still get out to view the yard from the enclosed veranda. I often call their enclosed area ‘The Safe Zone’. It has been an excellent transition step from total freedom 24/7 to partial freedom for our cat family.


JC in his cat tree house in the outdoor enclosure.

Veranda Cat Enclosure
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