Kittywalk Systems

Kittywalk Systems is a brand of outdoor cat enclosure that specializes in making light weight modular units that can be attached together and arranged in customized patterns for your yard or patio.  Their units are made with sturdy rope netting (rip-stop) over solid steel frames.  They use tent peg metal anchors into your lawn, as well as ties for the hammocks and for attaching units together.  They also carry the imported Carnival Outdoor Enclosure design, some indoor climbers and pet travel carriers and pet strollers.

Kittywalk Penthouse

Hammock Climber with Shade Canopy on top.

Kittywalk Systems is designed for cats that are used to being kept indoors. They are also suitable for small pets that do not chew.  This product manufacturer recommends that you supervise your pets in these enclosures. Some of the unit shapes are straight tunnels, curved tunnels and high 5 foot climbers, such as the Penthouse and Teepee.

The Kittywalk units are easy to move to different locations on your lawn and most of them fold up and pack in your vehicle for traveling. They provide the indoor cat with an outdoor experience of fresh air, sunshine and green grass.

See the diagrams below for unit sizes and popular configurations when combining units.

Kittywalk Units

View the sizes and shapes of the individual units.


Kittywalk Systems

Possible configurations using several Kittywalk modular units together.

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