Bob, the Street Cat

Recently I heard about this duo, James and Bob, the cat, who are getting a lot of publicity.

James’ life on the streets in London, England was turned around by a cat that needed him just as much as he needed the cat. Both of them were homeless and living rather haphazardly and hopelessly when Bob, the orange tabby cat arrived in his life with an abscess that James decided needed some medical attention. Soon the cat was following him everywhere. Once Bob followed him right onto a bus. James, who was a street musician, started looking after the cat. They lifted each other up out of the depths of poverty and homelessness that included a life of drugs. They changed each other’s life by bringing new meaning for living that encompassed love and caring.

Now they are renowned authors and motivational speakers providing a voice for the street people and pets, who live in silent anonymity in every city all around the world. James Bowen has written several books on his street life with Bob, which he is sharing with the world. He is an eloquent story teller who captivates his audience as he vividly describes life on the streets with his special cat.

I am anxious to read his first two books which are rated highly by other readers, especially after hearing James’ audio reading of a portion of it. (There is also one book that is geared to older children and another to younger children being released in Oct.)

Oh one more thing, I have a feeling that former street cat, Bob, would not be in favour of cat enclosures, at least for himself. After all, he had total freedom on the streets and as a result was able to find his soul connection to his beloved friend, James.

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