My Cats are Happy Outside

JC lying on sidewalk

JC lying on sidewalk

My cats are happy with the lovely sunshine and warm weather. They like watching the birds stopping by to eat at the feeders, swoop by and hang out in the trees. There’s even a downy woodpecker family settling in for some nesting time in one of our trees. The male bird excavated a small hole in the top of a dead tree trunk.

Our cats love to crouch in the tall grasses and our big black male cat has discovered that rolling in our garden is a lovely pleasure for him. My hunter cat has become a little rounder and perhaps wiser and seems less focused on hunting, so that is also a nice development — less surprises with her trophies, something I never liked, but I was realistic and understood that it was natural to her cat instincts.

Every time I walk out into my back yard there seems to be a trail of cats that want to join me, so I feel honored by their loyalty in following me. I think they keep track of me energetically and just seem to know when I go outside. It seems that when I come inside they retreat to the deck and often come in with me.

The neighbourhood bully cat is keeping her distance from my house and my big male cat is managing her with diplomacy, so less cat fights are occurring. This has eased my mind a great deal and has made me relax more in giving my cats their freedom to come and go as they please. Mind you, I still close up the outdoor cat enclosure at night so that the cats must stay in during the night. They have become accustomed to the routine of coming in at night and staying inside the enclosure during the night. We all have a better sleep. If they want to go outside they can still go through the cat door and view the back yard from their enclosure. As a result we do not have cats asking us to get up to let them outside, plus no surprises of uninvited visitors.

It’s such a pleasure for me to be able to enjoy nature and the sunshine in my backyard with my cats. It was truly a delight when my little cat started leaping off the ground after a fluttering yellow butterfly. She didn’t catch it, but she had fun trying. It’s the little things in life which can be so delightful.

Cat sitting on the deck in the sunshine under his special cat tree.

White cat loves the warmth of the sunshine.

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