Cat Boarding Facilities

Outdoor cat enclosures are commonly used at spas or retreats for cat guests that are being boarded there.  These cat enclosures are made for the many feline guests that come and go. They are built to be sturdy, easily cleaned and provide unshared outdoor space.

Once I had a kitten that needed some extra care and attention while we went away for  a long awaited family vacation. While my older cats and rabbit were attended by a professional pet sitter at my home, my rambunctious young dog was looked after in a kennel and my kitten was cared for in a deluxe style kennel that is frequently referred to as a spa.  I decided to spring for the extra expense of knowing that my pets needs were being met.

Kitty City had an excellent reputation for looking after cats. It was actually a renovated home with a special room that had cat cages around the perimetre. Each ‘room’ had a hammock… plus a window opening to a little outdoor enclosure. The wire enclosure wasn’t very big but it allowed the cats to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. I thought it was pretty neat at the time.  It would help to keep my cat more entertained and I’m sure he would like having the option to independently go in and out to his enclosure space.  There are so many sights and sounds and smells outside that I’m sure cats are tuned in to much more than humans. They also had a big centre room area where a few compatible cats were allowed out, at any one time, to run around and play on cat trees.

My 6 month old kitten did fairly well with the retreat style accommodation but I did notice that it still stressed him out a bit, as he came home with a slight cough.  All in all it worked out very well.

Ivan at Cat Spa

Ivan likes his outdoor enclosure at the cat spa.

Here is an example of a similar cat spa with boarding facilities and amenities for their cat guests.


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