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Enclosure for Healing Cat

Our veranda outdoor cat enclosure was a great help to us these past two weeks.  It provided the gentle transition that was needed. Recently my big black male cat had a slip where he pulled his back leg muscle and … Continue reading

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Cat Boarding Facilities

Outdoor cat enclosures are commonly used at spas or retreats for cat guests that are being boarded there.  These cat enclosures are made for the many feline guests that come and go. They are built to be sturdy, easily cleaned … Continue reading

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Cats and Dogs Together

I was just reading about a family who was having to juggle their cats and dogs going in and out of a doggy door. Apparently, the dogs had the freedom to go in and out, but the cats did not, … Continue reading

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Kitten Play

The playfulness of a kitten is so divinely precious!  I love to see the purity and sweetness of a baby animal such as a puppy or a kitten.  As caregivers we want to protect our little charges. I remember laughing … Continue reading

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Flower Essences for ‘Indoor’ Cats

Flower essences are a holistic energy support that can be used to help ‘indoor’ cats and other animals. Since Flower essences are made from plants and flowers, they are are a  powerful way of bringing Nature to your cat. The … Continue reading

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Cultural Contrast

Several years ago I traveled to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and then in another trip I went to Greece.  I was struck by the surrounding population of struggling cats. Stray cats were every where you turned. I noticed that … Continue reading

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The Habits and Preferences of Cats

Have you ever noticed how cats have quirky preferences? But do you appreciate them?  Do you allow them? I have a fascination for watching the natural tendencies of children and animals.  It must say something about their personality, character and … Continue reading

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Cat Addiction to Penthouse

The Kittywalk System is designed for the ‘indoor cat’ to have an outdoor experience.  There are lots of Kittywalk fans who have purchased multiple kits and units over the years, and some are adding on units and others even replacing … Continue reading

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Royale One Touch Pet Stroller Review

This royal stroller, Royale One Touch pet stroller, for cats and dogs has an elegant and classy look.  A key quality that many users appreciate is the large viewing window for your pet. The wrap around window, done in a see … Continue reading

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