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Cat Tree Furniture

A cat tree is a fairly large piece of furniture that can serve as both a scratching post and a play center for cats or ‘kitty gym’.  It provides a great place for cats to get some exercise in climbing … Continue reading

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Scratching Post

A scratching post is probably the most fundamental piece of furniture that is needed when you get a cat. After you get their food, litter box and litter, you need to get a scratching post or a cat tree.  A … Continue reading

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Cat Door to Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Cat doors or cat flaps are a great addition to our household. They are basically a small hole with a swinging door on it. Our very simple one has a panel you can slide in to block the hole if … Continue reading

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How Do You Know When Your Cat is Happy?

I have lived all my life with cats and it’s very evident to me when my cats are happy. They purr easily and they want to show me their affection. They are well behaved in terms of their litter habits … Continue reading

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Why Use a Cat Enclosure?

Cat Enclosures cover a considerable breadth from small carriers to screened in verandas to light portable tunnels and towers to large framed areas to free standing fencing around the perimeter of a yard. For me it’s about choosing the right … Continue reading

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