Different Uses for a Cat House

A cat house can be used for a variety of purposes. Our houses were built by a local carpenter who made double wall thickness houses with an electrical heating coil below the floor. The thick inset roof lifted off the top.

I first purchased 2 solid wooden, insulated, box like cat houses for my cats to give them protection in the winter if one of them was accidentally left outside in the cold. I left it on the deck near the back door.  It gave me greater peace of mind, in the event I let them out and got distracted. This was in the days before we had a cat door.

We also put one in the shed where I had one cat that liked to go off for long quiet naps during the day.  JC loved his privacy.  I think the squirrels found that house and stuffed it with cones one year.

I even used one as an escape option at the side of the house, if one of my cats got chased by something such as a neighborhood dog… but I don’t know if it ever got used.  I don’t think it did, so eventually I moved it.

Some people will use this type of sturdy outdoor cat house to place the litter tray in a designated cat space such as an outdoor enclosure, so that the litter is kept dry and it offers privacy.  I did a similar thing with the abandoned dog house when it was on our open deck.

Later on I used the insulated, heated wood cat house for an outdoor rabbit. We put it in the rabbit’s pen and filled it with straw.  It was gratifying to see the rabbit using her house.   The cats actually liked going into the rabbit pen and resting on top of the flat roof top of the house, under the plywood roof of the pen enclosure.

Our wooden cat houses have come in handy over the years. They have endured well through  seasonal weather changes and are still in great shape for further service.

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    Thank you. I’ll have to think about a part II.

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