Cat Door to Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Cat doors or cat flaps are a great addition to our household. They are basically a small hole with a swinging door on it. Our very simple one has a panel you can slide in to block the hole if you don’t want it being used.  Today they have so many excellent varieties and sizes plus electronic and magnetic cat flaps, and even flaps that can be installed in glass windows,  doors and walls.

Cat Flap

flexible cat flap

Our cat door has given our cats a real sense of independence for coming in and out of the house.  Having an enclosure on the other side, such as an enclosed veranda, also means that our cats can also use it at night which allows us to sleep better.  Plus we don’t have to worry about any stray cats coming in through the cat door.

We lost so much sleep for so many years from one or some of our cats asking to go out in the wee hours of the morning, and now it’s sleep time bliss. Such a simple solution really. But it was the outdoor cat enclosure on the other side of the cat door that really gave us the peace of mind.   At night we closed the enclosure, so that our cats could not roam at large and also feline night prowlers could not try to get into our house.  It’s great!  Another solution would be to have containment fencing in our backyard that would keep our cats in and stray cats out.

I also like knowing that my cats can get outside in their safe zone when I’m out for the day or away for a few days and  being cared for by a pet sitter. They are used to getting their fresh air and would feel confined without it.

During the winter when we have really cold temperatures and lots of snow in this temperate zone of living, I  usually  keep the route to the cat door open just in case a family member lets a cat get out the front door….this way my cat  would always have a way to get back in before getting too cold.  Before cat door days I used to worry about accidentally leaving them outside, and leave reminder notes to myself on the door handle.  No need to worry about that any more.  They are often around the back and in the house within a few minutes.

Everyone knows that cats are independent in their natures, so having a cat door access to the outdoors just adds a new dimension to their independent character that our feline friends appreciate. It helps them maintain a happy disposition.




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