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Outdoor cat enclosures are becoming increasingly popular as an option for keeping our cats safe from dangers.  Freedom has a high price tag. There are many natural wildlife predators on farms. In the city there is traffic and a few other incidental challenges that can arise. But I have to say that some cats just need to have their freedom. We can try to control a lot of things but we can’t control everything.

I once had a deaf cat that I tried to keep indoors but she was determined to sneak out at every possible opportunity.  She didn’t seem to realize that she had a handicap and I was hoping our golden retriever would help keep an eye on her.  If I had only known about cat enclosures back then… it might have been a good solution for her. Another option would have been a back yard fence enclosure.  Again, it was the furthest thing from my mind….I came up with the idea of taking her for walks on a leash but it didn’t resolve the issue of her sneaking outside in our busy household with young children, and going off on long risk filled adventures.

Many cats are happy to just have a comfortable and safe home. I expect that all cats would appreciate some exposure to the fresh air, sunshine and sights and sounds of nature, just like humans. Imagine a life without being able to go outside. We are all beings of Nature and deserve to experience time with her bounty of gifts.

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Home Package Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Today we have a selection of various pet enclosures to choose from and we are more aware of the various  choices for outdoor cat enclosures.  There are a variety of manufactured light weight and transportable pet enclosures that require supervision and there are homemade varieties, plus large sturdy kits of all different sizes, shapes and materials. These products offer a great service to all the indoor cats that could not previously go outside.  You can create an outdoor enclosure for your cats that will enrich the life of an indoor cat by just using a little space and creativity. Imagine the pleasure of a cat that has discovered the joys of an outdoor world.

There are also whole yard enclosures called containment fencing. The larger containment spaces offer protection to outdoor cats where stray cats are becoming a problem or cats are wandering off their property.

Purr-fect Fence Extensions

Levered Extensions for an Existing Fence

There is a vast array of choice in outdoor cat enclosure for your situation in today’s market place.

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