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I will share a few tips for containing and caring for a cat during his healing period after a surgery. Recently, one of my cats required some surgery to remove a benign lump which had gotten rather large. I decided it was time to get it off, but I did not realize that my vet would ask me to keep my cat indoors or on a leash for the full 10 to 14 days while the stitches were in. Of course, I knew he would need a few days to recuperate but 10 to 14 days is a long time for an outdoor cat who thinks his job is to guard the property.



Having an enclosure made life so much easier. It meant that Max could still watch over the back yard from the enclosed deck during his healing period, which was very important to him. He could still get some fresh air and sunshine to help his healing process.

In retrospect, I would have been more prepared for my cat’s healing period by purchasing a leash and harness to make some trips around the yard. A material vest style harness would have been perfect! I also would have checked out the inflatable collars to prevent Max from pulling at his stitches, as I do not like the plastic cat collars that vets give out, but a cloth harness jacket would have been the least stressful option I am quite sure. Fortunately, I had a baby undershirt (onesie) from long ago in the trunk that worked beautifully. He allowed us to put it on him with very little resistance and we could fasten the snaps on his back. It not only prevented him from bothering his stitches, it also toned down his activity level so that he was not jumping up to window ledges and high furniture so much.

Just a few tips based on my recent experience. I recommend preparing in advance if possible, as it takes time to find the right products for YOUR cat, and each day of the recovery period brought new and changing challenges.

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