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This past week I became acquainted with a fellow who has the exact same business name as me, Happy Cat Enclosures, but he’s from Australia whereas my market is North America. His name is Daniel Hennessy and he set up his business operation 3 years ago at approximately the same time that I did. How cool is that? Daniel seems like a passionate fellow who designs and builds cat enclosures for people in his community. He is also an activist in the area of eating vegan, which fits with his purpose of protecting animals.

I think that Australia has a higher need for enclosures due to some of the wildlife dangers that exist there. I have noticed in the past that the enclosures in Australia are all very well enclosed with the tops being covered as well.

Quality Constructions of Cat Enclosures made in Australia

Happy Cat Enclosures in Australia

Daniel’s designs and constructions look to be high quality – sturdy and secure. They are practical additions that are customized to each home. Many of them have metal frames with netting that make them less obtrusive then the heavier wooden homemade frame additions that I have seen built in the earlier days of outdoor cat enclosures.

My husband made a light weight wood frame cat enclosure structure with 2 inset doors that has served our occasional use needs very well.

Daniel asked me if we offer a similar outdoor cat enclosure design and construction service here in my area of Alberta, Canada, and at this point I don’t know of anyone who is doing this kind of focussed construction. So far, I have just seen people do their own constructions in very unique ways. I often refer people to take a look at the Cat’s Den kits by Habitat Haven.

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