Large Outdoor Cat Enclosures for the Whole Yard

Today I kept my 4 cats confined to the house and the outdoor verandah enclosure while my large black guard cat was recovering from a sore foot. It’s truly amazing how one day the foot looks sore and swollen and is being held up in the air, and the next day my cat is walking normally with his full weight on it.  Anyway I decided to limit his freedom a bit and keep all the cats in and supervised more strictly for a few days.

Today, I can hardly believe it but the 2 adversarial neighborhood cats have made several visits right up onto my back deck to peer in our glass doors.  In one instance, I heard my female cat growling through the patio doors.  She lets me know when there are unfriendly intruders in the yard.

As we move into the fall, this year has had several instances of injuries from cat fights. My white cat got an abscess, from an injury, the very week he was scheduled for some dental surgery at the vets, so I postponed the surgery.

Every time the unfriendly bully cats show up to taunt my cats or whenever my cats sustain an injury I long for a full yard outdoor cat enclosure.  My husband is not too keen to spend the money or the time to install it, but the idea keeps surfacing in my mind.

There are 3 containment fencing options I have been considering. They offer a large outdoor enclosure area for my animals.  All of them are extensions that can be added to an existing yard fence.

1) One is made by Purrfect Fence and is ideal, with its spring loaded lever, for keeping your cats inside your own yard, but not as effective for keeping neighbourhood cats out of your yard.

Cat Fence Extensions

Cat fence extensions provide a yard enclosure

2) Another one is called Cat Fence-In and is promoted for keeping cats out of your yard, as well as your own cats inside your yard. This one really addresses my issue. (brochure)

3) The third possibility is to construct our own fence extension that would do the same job of keeping other cats out of the yard.

They all offer a great solution to providing a safer outdoor yard space for my cats.  It’s not the stray cats or the friendly cats, but the neighbourhood bully cats that want to fight.  Their disruptive activity often leads to injuries and is, simply,  not welcome. 

On another note, I do not feel that electrical fencing or humane traps are options I would consider.

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