Brazen Neighborhood Cat!

My husband and I were playing a game of crib at the dining room table after supper. It had been pouring rain all day so the grass was still wet and suddenly my husband says, “There’s Funny Face! (neighbor cat’s name)  We look up from our game to see the neighbourhood cat, that my 4 cats detest, walking around on our elevated deck.  (It’s actually a fairly challenging walk to get onto the deck when the cat enclosure is closed at the stairs.)  She was just entering our cat enclosure from the middle of our the deck where  we often leave it open (except at night). She knows she is not welcome and she would have just walked right through the enclosure and up to the cat door and into our house if she had not seen me jump up from the table. She is such a brazen cat! She decided to take off as quickly as possible.

Occasional use outdoor cat enclosure with easy access for people.

Homemade light wood frame outdoor cat enclosure

I immediately closed the cat enclosure door as my big male guard cat came out to inspect the commotion. I did not want him running after her, as it could lead to a cat fight which can often result in abscesses.  Funny Face’s long coat of fur is like armour; my cats have short hair and seem to sustain more injuries. Then I took the handy tin plate and banged on it with a spoon, as I have learned that this particular neighbourhood cat does not like it.  Maybe it sounds like a dog barking.

For so many years we always had a dog that kept the neighbourhood cats out of the yard and now we are frequently dealing with cats in the yard.  Some of the cats that arrive are less threatening to them while others just want to stir up trouble.  It’s times like these when I envision the benefits of getting fence extension for my whole yard that would keep stray cats out of our yard.

Cat Fence Extensions

Cat fence extensions provide a yard enclosure

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