Electrical Cat Containment?

Cats are truly amazing creatures with very sensitive electrical systems. Cats and dogs have similar electrical (electro-magnetic) meridian systems to humans. It’s quite amazing to see the correlation. Just take a look at the pictures in the book, Four Paws Five Directions Cats are natural healers and have the ability to transmute negative energy. What a great addition to any home…an animal that can clear the energy in your homes. 

Feline Chart

Acupressure Meridian Chart of a Feline

I believe in holistic supports that do not interfere with an animal’s electrical system, hence I would not choose to implant a tracking device in my pet, nor would I advocate for any kind of electrical shock type of containment.  In fact, the videos that I have seen on cats encountering an invisible electrical containment yard are quite shocking to watch, let alone, physically shocking for an animal to experience.

We have many choices and do not need to make choices that invoke pain, foster distrust and fear and seriously disturb an animal’s electrical meridian system. We have numerous reasonable, natural and healthy solutions to cat containment, such as Cat Fencing and various sized outdoor cat enclosures, both commercial and home made options, to fit anyone’s budget.


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Anne Force here. I have a background in family literacy and alternative education. My love for animals and a lifetime with cats has inspired me to begin writing this blog. Enjoy!
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