Flower Essences for ‘Indoor’ Cats

Flower essences are a holistic energy support that can be used to help ‘indoor’ cats and other animals. Since Flower essences are made from plants and flowers, they are are a  powerful way of bringing Nature to your cat. The flower essences capture the divine qualities that are special to each flower and plant.  Indoor cats may be missing their unique connection to Nature when they are kept inside.

Cat siblings and friends

Contented cats

I particularly like the flower essences that use Red Shiso as the stabilizer base (instead of alcohol) that are made at Green Hope Farm. One can make diluted dosages that are very potent.  A few drops of flower essence may look like water but in fact, harness the divine qualities of Nature, that can bring back balance, health and happiness. All imbalance is held  in the feeling body and then progresses into the physical.

Cat and Dog Friend

Cat and Dog Family Happiness

If your indoor cat does not have an Outdoor Cat Enclosure, then flower essences are one way of bringing Nature to your cat.

Flower essences can assist any animal or human being that is going through some kind of transition or stress.

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