Legal Trapping Hazard to Cats

I don’t know where you live? But here in my city, in Canada, there is a bylaw that supports humane trapping of animals, which was approved a few years ago. This means that if an animal comes onto your property you can catch them with a legal trap that does not harm the animal and does not put them into distress, and you can take them to Animal Services, where they are checked over, vaccinated and kept in cages while they try to locate the owner or the owner comes looking for their pet. This sounds like a harmless process but the reality is that they lack the resources to follow up quickly and if the owners don’t visit the facility it could take days before you get your pet back.

My curious kitten (formerly my daughter’s kitten)  was caught and taken in and although I phoned the facility and put up signs and posted on the Lost Pet internet site, we were finally notified on the 3rd day that she was at Animal Services. I will just say this, I could hardly recognize my young sweet kitten sitting in one of the many cages, because the sparkle in her eyes was gone. Her kitten innocence was wounded on that weekend.  I felt terrible, but was so thankful that she was safely rescued from a terrible fate that could have happened to her if she was not claimed.

Young Penelope

Cute Kitten

This incident is what inspired me to begin considering outdoor cat enclosures as a viable solution to prevent our kitten from wandering and getting trapped again.  One of the reasons that she was leaving our yard was because of a neighbourhood cat that was scaring her. The idea of an outdoor enclosure was presented to me by someone who built one for her cats on a farm. This really baffled me, on a farm in the country? She said that the neighbourhood dogs were just too free to come over onto their property so she had to protect her cats.  She was very happy with the arrangement, and since she is an animal communicator, I guess she knows that her cats are happy and have adjusted well to the arrangement.

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