Large Outdoor Cat Enclosures

What would you consider to be a large outdoor cat enclosure? This of course depends on your perspective of the qualifier, ‘large’.  In my mind, the outdoor cat enclosures have a fair degree of height and space for cats to move and climb.

One way to get a large pet enclosure is to make your own outdoor cat enclosure with 4×4 posts and wire mesh or fencing materials with wood shelves for climbing.   Then you can design the enclosed area as large as you want it.

Cat's Den Kit

Large outdoor Cat's Den enclosure with tunnels, stairs and climbing shelves.

Cat’s Den kits come in a variety of popular styles that are designed to work with different access points such as a basement window, first floor room window or door.  You can also customize your own design by choosing different pieces.  The kits have two colour options in galvanized metal or black coated.

Cat's Den Kit

Basic Style Cat's Den Kit

The largest outdoor cat enclosures are the full yard enclosures that are sometimes called ‘containment fencing’.  There are several varieties of  fencing that can be installed as a stand alone fence or as added extensions to an existing fence. These systems, such as Purr-fect Fence, are safe and natural for the animal, and provide lots of space and a high degree of freedom.

Purr-fect fence is a containment fence.

Purr-fect fence is a large outdoor cat enclosure solution to keep your cats in their yard.

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  2. Its important to consider always your safety and also safety of your feline pets. Having a cat outside enclosures will serve as your protection and your pets. It makes your feline pets moves freely without bringing further damage to your other personal things.

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