Purr-fect Cat Fence System

Purr-fect Cat Fence System was originally inspired by efforts to keep deer off property and garden areas, etc. by using  deer netting that is available in rolls and is a flat plastic style of netting in various thicknesses.

Purr-fect Fence

Free standing Purr-fect Fence

Purr-fect Fence Extensions

Levered Extensions for an Existing Fence

Purr-fect Cat Fence System uses the deer netting and has perfected the design by making a spring levered top for their stand alone fencing which can also be added as an extension on pre-existing fences.  The spring levered design effectively keeps a cat from getting out of their yard.  It’s spring action will actually shake a climbing cat off of it, so that it falls back to the ground.

The Purr-fect fence system is an ideal solution for keeping cats safely inside their own yard.  An ‘outdoor’ cat is not likely going to feel too constrained by this form of containment. An ‘indoor cat’ is going to feel like they have found paradise.

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