Cat Fights and Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Cat fights can be a common occurrence if you have outdoor cats.  Cats attract other cats and the dominant cats try to take over boundaries where they think they can move in on weaker cats. It seems to be part of the natural hierarchy of the feline species.

Why do spayed and neutered animals initiate cat fights? My cats are defending their property, not trying to take over more territory, and it’s not just the males that are trying to overtake territory.  We have a neighborhood female cat who seems to love terrorizing my cats with her presence. Apparently she was formerly a neglected street stray who won the heart of an elderly lady in our neighborhood, who had her cleaned up and spayed.  She is sweet as pie with her elderly caregiver and then when her human is not looking she becomes the neighborhood bully cat, trying to take over the whole block.

If my 4 cats liked her I’d let her hang out with us, but they detest her and just get into nasty fights with her…with subsequent injuries, so I have to help them by doing what I can to keep her off our property.  My two female cats scream holy terror  and run for cover when they see her and my 2 males get into brawls with her.

cats fighting

cat brawl

I found out that banging on a tin plate with a spoon was really effective in getting her to leave our yard.  I wonder if it resembled the sound of a dog barking. In any case, it was a harmless way of deterring her from visiting.   I have gone over about 3 times to talk to her caregiver…trying to find a solution.  Last year I mentioned the idea of an outdoor enclosure or containment fencing to her and explained that we had built a veranda enclosure to alleviate the situation, hoping that she might take some similar steps.

I have rejected the idea of  humane trapping because I would not want that ever done to my cats.  I think it can be quite a traumatic experience for a cat and the owner too.

Building an outdoor enclosure on our veranda was an excellent course of action in the right direction. We use it at night and whenever we see the neighbourhood cats about. It continues to give us an option that provides protection at selected times.  I am currently also considering a full yard enclosure using Containment Fencing such as “Cat Fence-in” or “Purr-fect Fence”.

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