Royale One Touch Pet Stroller Review

This royal stroller, Royale One Touch pet stroller, for cats and dogs has an elegant and classy look.  A key quality that many users appreciate is the large viewing window for your pet. The wrap around window, done in a see through large mesh, makes this stroller a favourite over some other makes.

It is light weight, easy to assemble with larger wheels for navigating rougher terrain. There is under storage for your extra items and a viewing porthole from above. The one touch rear brakes are handy. There are 2 zippers for easy access to your pets.  This is a high quality pet stroller.  Some suggested upgrades might include a soft pad for the interior and rubber wheels instead of plastic wheels.

Royale One Touch Pet Stoller

Royale One Touche Pet Stroller with wrap around mesh for your pet to view.

Some cats enjoy their walks around the neighborhood and  what a great way to get you out for your exercise!   One person reported that it is easier for them to stroll their 20 lb. cat down to the local vet instead of carry them in a pet carrier in and out of a vehicle.

Some small dogs only like to go for short walks, so a pet stroller allows them to have some breaks when they get tired. It means that Mom and Dad can have a decent walk while the puppy or little dogs can rest for awhile.

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