Cat Carrier with Wheels

There are an amazing number of cat carriers on the market today. The typical, practical and timeless style is the hard plastic crate with a spaced metal rod door in the front and some have the grating type door on top as well. They are very useful for taking your cat in the car and to the vet.

In the past 15 years the market place has exploded with an increasing number of soft wall cat carriers that are light weight, compact and easy to use for traveling via plane, when cats allowed to be tucked under the seat.  Some airlines have stopped allowing pets to travel in the seating areas.

More recently there has been the advent of the cat carrier on wheels also called a pet stroller. I like the versatility of having a removable pet carrier, but many stroller designs do not offer that.

Pet Travel Carrier / Stroller

Detachable Pet Carrier on wheels

It’s actually a collapsible stroller frame that a carrier can be put on, so you not only have a basic carrier for the car, but you can also walk the carrier along as a stroller. I thought that was very clever indeed.  Is it practical?  I haven’t completely decided about its practical purpose and application for cats.   I suppose it could be very useful if you have a place that you need to take your cat to that is within walking distance.  The first time I saw a pet stroller in operation was at Ikea where the people had a cute little dog in it.  I thought it was very cute and a good way to keep your dog out of trouble while shopping, especially where pets are not allowed to be free.   But who’s going to take their cat shopping?  Most cats are not game to go on a shopping trip and it would seem very strange to see someone do that.

However, you just might have a cat that likes to go for walks with you in your neighborhood.  We have had quite a few cats over the years that wanted to follow us when we went for our daily walk with the dog.  I can count at least 4 cats that wanted to go on walks with us and few others I have tried to dissuade from following us.

After a close call in my childhood where I our cat was hit by a car, I am quite wary about letting my cats follow me. However, we used to have 2 grey cats that loved following us around the block on our nightly dog walks. It was pretty cute having the troop go down the street together. But if our white cat, JC tried to follow I would only go a few houses and then  turn back, because I knew that he could panic around anything unfamiliar.  Generally, if one of my cats tried to follow us, then I would keep a sharp eye on them and limit my walk to only one block or part of a block.

Double Decker Pet Carriers on Wheels

Double Decker Pet Carriers on Wheels

My current cats are not used to being off their property, so I don’t want to encourage it. I don’t let them follow me, and now that we no longer have a dog, our walks are not as regular and are not part of a predictable routine.  But I suppose that if you happen to have a really insistent cat who wants to be part of your family walk, then I think a cat carrier with wheels (pet stroller) would be a stress free way to let one or two cats (double strollers) join your walk.  Would they like to travel that way?  I’m not sure.  I suppose it would depend on the cat, and the only way to know is to try it out.

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